Students at St Oscar Romero’s Catholic school have a great day planned on Thursday 11th February called the Pillars of Possibility – Where ‘Anything is Possible’.

Throughout the day students will be involved in Pillar workshops helping them to build their skills for the future. Zoom Seminars, fun activities, quizzes, challenges and much more.

The Pillars of Possibility is a personal development program that helps young people to build core practical and human skills for the future.

– Example Practical skill — being able to cook a meal

– Example Human skill — understanding other people’s views

‘Anything is Possible’ when you put your mind to it

It is the start of a LifeLong journey of discovery for them with no limits on what they can achieve. It is not bound by school hours and can be completed in or out of school.

It is not in any way about testing, exams, homework, classwork and the National Curriculum it’s personal, skills for life and the future.

The Pillars of Possibility helps your child to measure their own personal development and helps them to set their own short and long term targets.