Welcome to St.Oscar Romero’s

I am extremely proud to introduce and welcome you to St Oscar Romero’s Catholic School.

Our aim is simple, we want to be the best school in the country. This means that we can ‘hand on heart’ say that our students get a better deal than if they attended another school.

We are delighted to support with their care of the vulnerable over the Christmas period. All at St… t.co/xi91mX5WHy
Huge congratulations to Year student Emily, who was very proud to receive this trophy whilst representing St Oscar… t.co/6D5t0lu0UQ
We were delighted to welcome Baroness Virginia Bottomley to our school this morning. We were honoured to have her l… t.co/gRP9xTAFgd
Yesterday we finished our first book of the YA book meet up. Really proud of our students who came each week to sha… t.co/f0PVwGY31F
Great start to the day, our very own Year 11, James Winton has won a writing competition and had his piece publishe… t.co/elusZlaOQ8