Welcome to St.Oscar Romero’s

I am extremely proud to introduce and welcome you to St Oscar Romero’s Catholic School.

Our aim is simple, we want to be the best school in the country. This means that we can ‘hand on heart’ say that our students get a better deal than if they attended another school.

Our BookFest has arrived… very grateful to my students who came along early to set up.. thankful for the donations…… t.co/lMDJFKvi6S
Great day out last Friday to for a DIsCOVERability day of fun activities t.co/NesabUQXdn
What a fantastic result! Our Year 7 boys football team beat TLA 5-1 in their match today. All students played supe… t.co/9RQVo1PllZ
Our students are enjoying this being introduced to them this week… all copies have been borrowed! Thank you… t.co/Y9j4zB0Qup
Chess club is off to flying start and we ve run out of chess sets! Happy Checkmate Everyone! Mrs Shanley ♟👍 t.co/Fnj1DCkrp0