Welcome to St.Oscar Romero’s

I am extremely proud to introduce and welcome you to St Oscar Romero’s Catholic School.

Our aim is simple, we want to be the best school in the country. This means that we can ‘hand on heart’ say that our students get a better deal than if they attended another school.

So this is the progress so far for our walk!!!! We walked to Devon on Monday but we doubled our distance on Tuesday… t.co/jsI7HZCMBr
As part of Mental Health Week our entire school community aim to walk 5km every day this week (around our 1km trac… t.co/kwtt6YWoQt
This amazing book caused a lot of excitement in the Year 9 ABA’s book club today 👍 · Arts & En… t.co/NBpwW5EiJ0
Mental Health Week started with a whole school zoom assembly this morning with guest speaker Rachel Slattery - Klei… t.co/xXnZVQNSfV
Today’s Year 7 girls first 100m lesson, take your marks, set, go! t.co/G7GdNIKUIj