Welcome to St.Oscar Romero’s

I am extremely proud to introduce and welcome you to St Oscar Romero’s Catholic School.

Our aim is simple, we want to be the best school in the country. This means that we can ‘hand on heart’ say that our students get a better deal than if they attended another school.

We hope that you are all having a super '10 Romero Wellbeing Rocks' day. This is the video played to students this… t.co/mUvQSkP5uw
Daily update and our weekend challenge, set by Mr Dean. Video entries from students should be sent to officet.co/g6KzsxRiO3
I am really enjoying each night, if you are too, then you might want to borrow this? - Mrs Shanley,… t.co/F6xnd66LWx
PE ALERT! Students taking part in Table Tennis ladder competitions today, making the most of our extensive PE equip… t.co/71iHKSAiBS