Our Curriculum

The mission of St. Oscar Romero Catholic School is to help every individual to achieve the best that they can through giving witness to the way of life inspired by Christ and taught by his Church.

At St. Oscar Romero Catholic School, our approach to the curriculum is underpinned by our school mission. Our mission unifies our community and our curriculum is rooted in excellence with the central belief that everyone is capable of greatness, is uniquely gifted, and that our role is to enable every student entrusted to our care to fulfil their God-given potential.

We consider the word curriculum as the ‘totality’ of a child’s experience with us at St Oscar Romero Catholic School, both within and beyond the classroom. We consider this in the context of the statement below from the research of Dylan Wiliam.

‘The main purpose of curriculum is to build up the content of the long-term memory (Schema) so that when students are asked to think, they are able to think in more powerful ways because what is in the long-term memories makes their short-term memories more powerful’.

We are proud of our excellent academic record and the exam results that our students achieve year-on-year. However, we place equal value on the holistic development of our students through a comprehensive range of enrichment/extra-curricular opportunities beyond the classroom, that extend the child’s experience at school, enabling them to develop a range of non-cognitive skills. Put more simply, we want our students to leave us both well qualified and well-rounded with Every Door Open.

We recognise that every student is unique and whilst some children find learning relatively easy, for others it can be challenging. We nurture all students entrusted to our care and provide a range of support and intervention for those students who arrive from primary school with weaker literacy and numeracy skills. We consider these the foundations of academic success and the gateway to enjoying a rich, diverse and exciting education. We have a committed, talented and experienced Special Education Needs Department and team of Learning Support Assistants who provide in lesson support as well as targeted withdrawals to ensure no-one is left behind.

We are proud to offer a broad and balanced range of qualifications at both Key Stage 3 and 4, with each of our subjects lead by experienced and highly skilled Subject Leaders, who are the ‘best in their field’ who regularly and critically review their curricula, to ensure best practice, resourcing and research evidence to support teaching and learning.

For their first three years (Key Stage 3), pupils study a wide range of subjects incorporating: Religious Education, Maths, English, Science, History, Design Technology, Geography, a Modern Foreign Language (French or Spanish), Computing, PE, Drama, Music (including Choir and Orchestra), Art and Dance. We believe strongly in maintaining a broad and balanced curriculum for as long as possible.

At Key Stage 4, through our Guided Pathways process we support our students to make informed and future focused decisions on the courses they pursue for their GCSE subjects. We expect the vast majority of our students to continue to study a Modern Foreign Language and Humanities based subject until the end of Year 11. This is then complemented by a further subject to explore their creative, aesthetic or physical development.

We focus carefully on our curriculum content ensuring that is it both challenging and coherent and place great emphasis on Matthew Arnold’s statement in his publication Culture and Anarchy which is to:

‘teach our students the best that has been thought and said’

We believe that an outstanding curriculum should nurture a child’s academic, artistic, creative, physical and spiritual development and that the experiences our students gain with us will enable them to leave well-qualified and well-rounded ready to make their unique mark in today’s world.

Our Subject Leaders have organised their curriculum using the following headings:

Vision: Our Subject Leaders’ vision for the teaching in their subject and why their subject is so important.

Intent: How our Subject Leaders have designed and curated their curriculum and how it is sequenced.

Implementation: How the curriculum is taught in each subject and the methodology used to fulfil curriculum intent.

Impact: The outcomes achieved both quantitative and qualitative in each subject.

Inspiration: How Subject Leaders, beyond the classroom, bring their subjects to life and inspire a lifelong love of learning.

In addition to the 4 I’s, each subject area will also outline the Curriculum Roadmaps for each year group, which outline what our students will be studying and when, during their time at St. Oscar Romero Catholic School.

We hope you find this content useful, informative and inspiring, however if you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Noye (Deputy Headteacher) [email protected] or any of our Subject Leaders.