Cycling Safety

It is wonderful that so many students cycle to school; something we are keen to promote as a school. This is a great way to stay healthy and reduces transport time and costs. However, there have been a number of concerns about the safety of some of our students who cycle to school.
Therefore, any student who does cycle to school must have the following things:

  • Cycle helmet. This will ensure that you are safe and if you do have an accident, a helmet can mean the difference between life and death. Please do not take a chance on this.
  • Bike lights. If you stay afterschool for a club or fixture, you will need lights so that you are able to cycle home safely in the dark.
  • Lock. By locking your bike in the bike shed this will ensure that it is safe as we have had unlocked bikes stolen.

Please can all parents/carers support the school by ensuring these things are in place.