Curriculum and Courses

Choosing the right courses is essential to success in the Sixth Form. For some students, this will be easy, as your talents lie in a particular area of the curriculum. But for others there could be a range of subjects, all of which appeal to you.

When you choose Sixth Form at Romero’s, a member of staff will talk with you about your higher education and/ or employment aspirations, then advise you about suitable courses in the Sixth Form. Nevertheless, this task is a shared one: if you have a particular university course in mind, then look at the entry requirements for a number of universities.

Anyone wanting to study medicine, for example, will need A Levels in subjects like chemistry, biology and mathematics. If the course is less prescriptive – law, for example – then consider the sort of subjects in which you can demonstrate logical thinking, good communication skills or the ability to evaluate evidence.

Remember too that some courses are so oversubscribed that even having three A grades might not be enough to secure a place – so choosing a subject which you like, but do not usually score very highly in, could damage your chances of getting in.

These are exactly the kind of issues and options we will discuss with you before you make your final choice and we look forward to these conversations.


The courses that are likely to make up our initial curriculum offer are:

Applied Science BTEC Level 3

Art, Craft and Design A Level

Biology A Level

Chemistry A Level

Computer Science A Level

Criminology BTEC

Dance A Level

Drama A Level

Economics A Level

English Language A Level

English Literature A Level

Extended Project Qualification

French A Level

Geography A Level

Health and Social Care BTEC

History A Level

Mathematics A Level

Further Mathematics A Level

Music A Level

Philosophy and Ethics A Level

Physical Education A Level

Physics A Level

Politics A Level

Psychology A Level

Sociology A Level

Spanish A Level

Sport BTEC

All courses will be run subject to demand; if there are high levels of demand for other subjects they may be offered.

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