Exam Board: OCR    Duration: 2 years    Entry Requirements: Grade 7-7 in Combined Science or Grade 7 in GCSE Physics (and Grade 7 in another Science), and Grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics.

Reasons to study BTEC Applied Science

Exploring the universe, from galaxies to tiny quantum events, physicists use experiments to understand it all.

A Level Physics encourages you to dive into the study of particles, waves, quantum phenomena, mechanics, materials, electricity, fields, radioactivity, and relativistic effects, revealing how they’re connected and governed by universal principles. Physics is about asking fundamental questions and trying to answer them by observing and experimenting. For example, physicists want to know the answers to questions like “How did the universe begin?” and “What are the basic building blocks of matter?”.

Course Outline – Year 12

Module 1 Development of practical skills in physics:
Practical skills assessed in a written examination.

Module 2 Foundations of physics:
Physical quantities and units; making measurements and analysing data; nature of quantities.

Module 3 Forces and motion:
Motion; forces in action; work, energy and power; materials; momentum.

Module 4 Electrons, waves and photons:
Charge and current; energy, power and resistance; electrical circuits; waves; quantum physics.

Course Outline – Year 13

Module 5 Newtonian world and astrophysics:
Thermal physics; circular motion; oscillations; gravitational fields; astrophysics and cosmology.

Module 6 Particles and medical physics:
Capacitors; electric fields; electromagnetism; nuclear and particle physics; medical imaging.

Review of Modules 1-4

Assessment Outline

Paper 1: Modelling physics (01)
100 marks written exam (2 hours 15 minutes)

Paper 2: Exploring physics (02)
100 marks written exam (2 hours 15 minutes)

Paper 3: Unified physics (03)
70 marks written exam (1 hour 30 minutes)

Practical Endorsement in physics (04)
Non-exam assessment, reported separately

Component 01 assesses content from modules 1, 2, 3 and 5 and is worth 37% of the A level.

Component 02 assesses content from modules 1, 2, 4 and 6 and is worth 37% of the A level.

Component 03 assesses content from all modules 1 to 6 and is worth 26% of the A level.

During all aspects of the course practical work will be completed and a portfolio of work collated. These experiments will be examined in the terminal exams

Progression Routes and Career Paths

  • Accountancy
  • Computing
  • Biotechnology
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Physicist
  • Medical Physics
  • Physics Teaching
  • Banking
  • Environmental Research
  • Industrial Research
  • Science Teaching
  • Science Journalism
  • Management Consultancy

The Romero’s Physics Department

A committed team of expert teachers who share their love of their subject with passion.

Opportunities for enrichment will include entry to Year 12 and Year 13 British Physics Olympiad Competitions.

A team of teachers who at GCSE have, year on year, delivered some of the strongest outcomes in the country.

First class, Science labs fully equipped with specialist equipment to complete the full range of experimental techniques.

Members of the A Level delivery team have had extensive experience teaching A Level Physics and understanding of Physics in a wider context.

Further Information

For more information or if you have any questions about the A Level Physics course please contact:

Miss B Owen – Subject Leader for Science [email protected]

Mr P Clarke – Lead Teacher for Key Stage 5 Physics [email protected]