Mr M Clarke : Subject Leader of Geography

Mr M Clarke

Subject Leader of Geography

The Team

Miss Brunner – Teacher of Geography / Subject Leader of PSHE

Introduction To The Department

Our Geography students will have the ability to understand the world from different perspectives. They will be able to make more sense of the world by developing a deeper understanding of the human and physical interactions that shape our planet. Geography at St Oscar Romero is relevant, challenging and engaging. Students are taught to be critical thinkers and independent enquirers, developing their geographical understanding through a myriad of geographical skills.

Key Stage 3 Information

Students are taught to think like Geographers and become more independent with their learning. For every new unit, students will receive a structured and interleaving homework menu to support their learning progress, alongside a knowledge organiser including key terms, appropriate websites and key questions. This knowledge organiser is used as a checkpoint and support framework, the key terms and questions feed into the relevant assessment criteria.

In Year 7, key cartographical skills are taught in a local context, with the main focus on threshold concepts of location and place. A new unit on “World Continents” is being introduced; this investigates our 7 continents from different geographical viewpoints. Key skills are introduced through a mini coastal fieldwork investigation with the emphasis on developing an understanding of different perspectives on coastal change and management. Students develop their communication and written skills through taking part in geographical debates and writing news articles.

In Year 8, we start to build on the key skills and develop more analytical and statistical skills through the geography of crime linked to key threshold concepts of deprivation and development. GIS – Geographical Information Systems is used to investigate the different types of crime in the local area. The challenge level is increased with a new Geographical Skills unit and the final topic on Global Tourism. This GCSE tourism unit acts as a bridge between Key stage 3 and GCSE and allows the students to hone their skills and develop their conceptual understanding in preparation for GCSE.

Key Stage 4 Information

Students study the AQA Geography syllabus.

GCSE students complete a three year course and build on the concepts and skills developed during Key Stage 3. Some GCSE topics are covered in more depth from key stage 3; some topics will have the same conceptual understanding as topics taught at Key Stage 3 but taught in a different context. This will allow for deeper learning to take place.

In Year 9, students study the following units: Natural Hazards, Urban Issues and Challenges and the Living World.

In Year 10, students study the following units: The Challenge of Resource Management, Physical Landscapes of the UK and the Human Fieldwork enquiry.

In Year 11, we focus on the Physical Fieldwork enquiry, the changing Economic World and Independent revision skills.

There are two field trips to Brighton and Seaford. Students will develop a wide range of skills, are encouraged to plan their own investigations, include their own independent ideas and further research to enhance their fieldwork enquiry.

Extra Curricular

Geography students at St Oscar Romero will have the opportunity to take part in the Young Geographer of the year competition. This is a national competition where students create a written or pictorial piece based around an important theme.
This year we are planning to create a Geography Instagram account, this will be an opportunity for our students to post and share important information and ideas about geographical events and issues facing young people in the local area.
Inspired and passionate GCSE Geographers will be able to take part in extra curricular opportunities to attend geographical seminars and talks throughout the academic year relating to key curriculum topics.

Curriculum Roadmaps

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11