Ms B Norman : Subject Leader of English

Ms B Norman

Subject Leader of English


The Team

Mrs Davies – Deputy Subject Leader of English
Miss Louise – Teacher of English / Intervention Co-ordinator
Ms Hedger – Teacher of English / Head of Year 9
Miss Saksena – Teacher of English / Geography / Child Development
Dr Webb-Blofeld – Teacher of English
Mrs Lumsdon – Teacher of English
Miss Gayler – Lexonik Reading Intervention Lead Teacher

Introduction To The Department

At St Oscar Romero, the English Department seeks to enable all students to be independent
and literate members of society who are prepared for life beyond school. We provide a rich and suitably challenging curriculum to prepare our students for their futures, as well as inspiring a life-long love of reading. Students will regularly visit our newly refurbished Learning Resource Centre, where they can explore our collection of both literature and non-fiction. We aim to inspire our students to enjoy our subject through their experience of a wide range of texts exploring diverse perspectives and experiences.

The English Department is a friendly and supportive environment for our students. We guide all our students in achieving their best by ensuring challenge and support inside and outside of lessons. Where tailored support is needed, we offer intervention and where available 1:1

Key Stage 3 Information

At Key Stage 3, our curriculum is built around an engaging theme each term, with a wide range of texts, to give students experience of different voices, perspectives and periods. Literary texts will range from classics, such as ‘Animal Farm’, to the more contemporary ‘Pigeon English’ and students will also read a wide variety of non-fiction. This enables our students to make connections across genres, periods and cultures, whilst developing their skills in both reading and writing. Each of these units also develops the skills, knowledge and experiences which build towards the KS4 curriculum. Students also develop their creative and transactional writing through their exploration of themes such as War and Conflict, Revolution and Journeys.

Key Stage 4 Information

The AQA GCSE is followed in both English Language and English Literature, which are both
assessed by written exams at the end of Year 11. We give our students the confidence to
become independent writers and we foster resilience in reading unseen texts from varied
perspectives. We strive to equip students with the literacy skills, knowledge and understanding needed to succeed not only in their examinations, but also as a foundation for further academic study.

In their study of English Language, our students read regularly from a rich selection of texts,
both fiction and non-fiction, taken from the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries. Students
develop their creative writing skills, whilst also learning how to shape an opinion for transactional writing. As part of their GCSE qualification, students will also develop their
presentation skills by completing a Spoken Language assessment, which is a short formal talk. For their study of English Literature, our students learn from prose, poetry and drama which includes classic and contemporary texts.

Enrichment Opportunities

In the English Department, our students take part in short-story and poetry competitions to
inspire their creativity. When possible, we also offer trips to local and national theatres, which
encourages students in their literary studies. We also offer a debating club, giving students the opportunity to gain confidence in formal speaking and aiming for competition at a national

Students have the opportunity to attend author visits and book related events in our LRC, such as World Book Day competitions and book clubs. There are also student leadership roles available as library prefects to support our culture of reading across the school.