Mr L Durr : Subject Leader of PE

Mr L Durr

Subject Leader of PE

The Team

Miss P Standing – Teacher of Dance

Introduction To The Department

The Dance Department at St Oscar Romero’s is an embedded creative subject for our students to excel in, offering all students a warm welcome and breadth of opportunity. The units of work have been designed to challenge and explore the student’s innovativeness and performance skills. They explore a range of Dance styles, current and traditional, ensuring all needs of the student are met. From Bollywood to Contemporary to Hip Hop inspired choreography, we want to offer the students breadth and depth of cultural capital through Dance.

Within PE & Drama, the team work to promote a passion for young athletes and performers as do we within Dance by encompassing all aspects of physical skills learnt in PE & creative arts learnt within Drama. The students have fantastic opportunities for extra-curricular activities and improvement of technique.

We believe in our Dance department that it is vital for our students to motivate and engage through the arts as a key contributor of mental & health wellbeing, encouraging deeper understanding of the art form and working on a professional level.

Key Stage 3 Information

At Key Stage 3, we offer ways into choreography challenging the students to create performance through basic action and dynamics, giving them the building blocks necessary to ready the students for GCSE Dance choreography.

The students will learn to develop choreography through differing and contrasting visual stimuli and narrative. Within the Key Stage 3 units of work, the students will explore relative topics such as politics, challenging their opinions and engaging them in a different element of performing arts. Using different practitioners as influence, the students will build a bank of knowledge to help them create innovative performance. Students develop their technique, contemporary floor work and contact where safe to do so. Students will develop a respect for each other and performance based tasks by peer assessing and promoting a safe working environment.

Key Stage 4 Information

GCSE Dance is delivered through the AQA examining board. It is currently an additional GCSE here at Oscar Romero for those who have a passion and love for creativeness and performance.

Dance GCSE is made up of two components.

Component 1 – (performance/choreography) includes performance of the set phrases- students must learn two of the four set phrases to perform as a solo and two as choreographic influence for a duet/trio. This component also includes the students own choreography (solo/group). The students will select their own performers and create a choreography from a given stimuli.

Component 2 – (dance appreciation) this consists of the written exam. This just solidifies what the students have learnt throughout their GCSE Dance experience. The students are expected to learn six anthology works that underpins those three core areas. The anthology’s mix of artistic, cultural and aesthetically diverse works have been selected to broaden students’ knowledge and understanding of the wide range of dance choreographed and performed in the United Kingdom today. Study of the works can inspire students to develop their own performance, creative and choreographic practice, at the same time as the knowledge, understanding and analytical skills required for critical appreciation.
The subject content for GCSE consists of three core areas of dance: performance, choreography and appreciation.

Studying dance will provide our learners with a solid background ready for a career in the many pathways of the performing arts industry not to mention the increased confidence, independence and team skills they will gain along the way.

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